Coming Up With "Meatloaf Beatloaf"

Hello everyone hope your all having a wonderful weekend! As it the weekend winds down I thought I would share with you a little about how and when I came up with the story "Meatloaf Beatloaf" to give you a better idea about where it all started.

When my son Tommy was about five he suddenly became a bit of picky eater. All he wanted to eat was pancakes and French toast. Now I can attest many of us would love a steady diet of maple syrup topped delights but as adults we realize not only would it ensure us a profile similar to Santa but also send us into a carb induced slumber if eaten as a steady diet. It was very unusual for tommy because he usually ate whatever his father and I where having without any issues. I didn't understand at first where his distaste for things he'd previously eaten was coming from.. then it dawned on me that he had started kindergarten and met lots of new friends! Well apparently it was no longer "cool" to eat eggs, meat and poultry those things were all now "gross" and "yucky". The only things he or his friends seemed to reach for where pizza and those round little things they call chicken fingers. I must say I've NEVER seen a chicken have fingers let alone shaped like those funny squishy little nuggets of mystery meat!

So I came up with the idea to let Tommy start helping me prepare dinner so that he could see what went into our food and how fun it was to create and try new recipes. It worked like a charm! It didn't take long for him to snap out of that faze. I'm happy to report That he has since grown into a tall, handsome healthy, independent young man that is willing and able to cook and enjoys trying new and exciting foods.


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