• Kimberly Daley

Creating Summer Memories

As the first day of summer quickly approaches it takes me back to so many fond memories of times spent with family and friends 💞 Fun memories like this one ☝️ years ago when all the kids were much younger....our entire family camping ⛺️ out in our backyard with half a dozen tents set up! Everyone was so excited to sleep outside in a tent under the 🌟 without the comforts of a mattress but instead on comforters and blankets for padding. The kids kept busy playing tag, hide and seek and catching fireflies 💫 Adults laughing and catching up around the campfire 🔥 My sisters and I cooking breakfast on the grill while one by one everyone stumbled and crawled out of their cozy little nooks for a morning swim 🏊‍♀️ No one complained about not having air conditioning and everyone got along 🙏😘 it's memories like these that remind us that it really doesn't take much to have a great time and reconnect with those we love ❤️ The memories are something you're children will remember forever!💞🙏 Those types of gifts are worth more than any electronic or material item could ever hope to be!


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