Fathers are sent from heaven above, to show us our strengths and guard us with love ๐Ÿ’ž They can teach us so much with the least little nudge and get us to move onโ€ฆ when we don't want to budge. That mischievous smile they get on their face while trying not to laugh when we're falling from grace. They're there to support us and help us be strong, the first to correct us when they know we've done wrong. He's the head of the household or so he thinks, mom lets him believe this and puts up no stink. His hands are strong and loving too, when problems arise he'll know what to do. We salute all our Fathers the present and past, our love for you will forever last.

Kimberly Daley


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ยฉ Kimberly Daley. Designed by Courtney Soden.