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Introducing Jeanie Bean Books LLC

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

As a child I developed a wild imagination.

Growing up in a large family with seven rambunctious children only helped to fuel my my storytelling.

Sometimes those stories would get

Me into a bit of hot water as you can imagine. Thankfully I was encouraged to start journaling all of my stories for use in the future.

After I became a mother I was eager to share all of my stories with my young son , nieces and nephews.

This desire led me on a journey of bringing my stories to life!

With the help of my niece Courtney Soden adding her amazing illustrating talents our books are being read by children all over the world!

In honor of the kind, nurturing and sometimes mischievous little woman Jean (Jeanie Bean as my father lovingly called her ) who created me and encouraged my writing, I created a publishing house in her name!

Introducing Jeanie Bean Books LLC! A magical place where every child is encouraged to dream, imagine and to be accepted for the beautiful amazing people they are!

Please follow us on this journey.....

#JeanieBean #gettingstarted

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